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Nexis Severe Weather 2-Person Emergency Kit

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Looking for a 72-hour kit that will cover two people during even the worst hurricane, tornado, or other severe weather event? Look no further the Nexis Severe Weather Zone 2-person kit is the one for you. Packaged in a heavy duty duffle bag and always ready to go, this kit provides some severe weather essentials that you just wont find within most ordinary bug out bags things like a tarp and real, heavy duty ponchos to ward off even the strongest rains. If you live in a severe weather zone, this is the kit for you! 72-hour kit contents come with some perishable items, with an ultra long 5 year shelf life, and include: 

2     2400-Calorie Emergency Food Bars 3 Days @ 800 cal./Day

6    Aqua Blox Emergency Drinking Water 3 Days @ 8.45 oz./Day

1    Hand Crank AM/FM radio with weather band feature that never needs batteries

2    Emergency Mylar Sleeping Bags that trap 90% of your body heat and reflect itback 

2    Cyalume Green chem light sticks up to 12 hours of instant illumination

2     Heavy Duty Ponchos with Hoods These are real, heavy duty ponchos, not toys

2     VentedSplash Goggles protect yourself from horizontal blowing rain and debris

2     Ultra Body Warmers Up to 24 hours of warm, instant, and toasty heat

1     Heavy duty double D cell flashlight

2    Industrial D Cell alkaline Batteries 

1     Safety Whistle Essential for alerting rescuers to your position

2     Tissue Packs Help maintain sanitary conditions

1    66-Piece Premium First Aid Kit Everything you need for minor scrapes and cuts

20  Water Purification Tablets Purify up to one liter of water for each tablet

1     MultiFunction Tool Heavy duty 14 function stainless steel multitool with knife

40  Waterproof Matches Will ignite even if the matches have been exposed to water

1     Duct Tape Essential for on the spot repairs

1     Heavy Duty 10' x 12' Tarp build an emergency shelter or patch a hole in yourroof

1    Plastic Sheeting Waterproof plastic sheeting to keep you bone dry

5    Emergency Candles Provide light and heat with these heavy duty candles

2     Waterproof and sealable document bags to keep all your important papers dry

1    Packaged in a Heavy Duty 18" Red Duffle Bag with reinforced pockets andzippers

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