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WaterBrick AmmoBrick 1.6 Gallon Ammunition Storage Container | Olive Drab

SKU: WBRK-1833-0008


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Lightweight & Durable Bricks Replace Heavy Ammo Cans


  • 1 - 1.6 gallon ammo canister with lid and swing top handle

Store & Transport Ammo Securely w/ Stackable AmmoBrick

If you're a gun owner who wants an easy way to store and transport your ammo, the AmmoBrick is perfect for you. These canisters are made of a nearly indestructible plastic which will help you safely store your valuable rounds. Say goodbye to heavier, bulkier military issue cans as the AmmoBrick is 75% lighter! The oversized lid keeps ammo secure and gives you easy access to your ammo, and the AmmoBrick is extremely easy to carry. Each AmmoBrick features a swing-top handle fitted with a smooth, rounded grip for the ultimate in comfort. Best of all the AmmoBrick stacks securely. The male and female lugs give you the ability to stack them high without fear of tipping. 


CLICK HERE to view WaterBrick -
expanded survival water storage
(easily stacks w/ AmmoBricks)

See what else makes the AmmoBrick such a great ammo storage tool!

  • Super-Durable Construction: Made of high density polyethylene (HDPE), the AmmoBrick is able to withstand tons of abuse. With an average wall thickness of 3/32 inch, these AmmoBricks are supremely durable as well as being extremely strong. The AmmoBrick is so strong it can effectively hold up to 1000 pounds of 5.56 ammunition. 
  • Easy to Use: Constructed with an easy to open swing handle, the AmmoBrick is easy to carry and easy to stack. Its male/female attachments allow for easy stacking. And the wide 7.25" x 4.5" opening makes filling quick and easy. Plus the lid has "easy to peel" attachments keeping ammo secure and helping you access ammo with ease.
  • Designed For Safe Long-Term Storage: Because of the incredibly thick HDPE, the AmmoBrick is expected to last for a lifetime. Plus the AmmoBrick will safely stack (up to 2 feet tall) and is compatible with the WaterBrick and the FoodBrick helping keep all of your survival supplies safe and secure.
  • Safe for Use With Ammo: Because the walls are light green, the AmmoBrick protects sensitive ammunition from damage from the sun. It also features an air-tight moisture gasket to keep ammo totally dry...no matter the conditions.
Other Details:
  • Dimension: 6"(h) x 9"(w) x 9"(h) 
  • Volume: 1.6 Gallon
  • Opening Dimensions: 7 ¼” x 4 ½”
  • Weight: 1.29 pounds
The AmmoBrick is an amazing survival tool. If you're looking to make storing ammo (or other valuable objects) easier than ever then the AmmoBrick will help you accomplish this with ease.

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