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Auto Emergency Knife



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   -- A lightweight knife designed for any and all emergency situations


A survival knife doesn’t always need to be the sharpest, most aggressive blade on the market. In fact, sometimes it needs to be the exact opposite.

That’s why the Auto Emergency Knife was created.

Take a look at what makes this blade perfect for emergencies:

  • Features Safety Tip Design: Since many emergencies require a victim to be removed from an awkward position, a sharp, pointed knife blade could actually end up causing damage.  

    To prevent catastrophic injuries like this the auto emergency knife has been equipped with a blunt tip serrated blade. The blade’s teeth are still quite sharp, it just doesn’t have a dagger point to help protect others when it’s in use.
  • Super Lightweight: The handle is made of anodized aluminum so it’s both strong and lightweight.

  • Incredibly Easy to Use: It also features a thumbstud so the blade can easily be flipped open, even with gloved hands.

  • Multi-Purpose Use: The blade’s also got a built in seat belt cutter and glass breaker. The seatbelt cutter is recessed into the handle to prevent incidental injuries. When placed on a seatbelt it can slice the fabric with a simple pull. The glass breaker on the rear can be placed against a car window and with minimal effort shatter the glass so you can get out of a tight place in a flash.

  • Perfect For Survival Kits: The blade itself is 4 3/4 inches long and overall length is 7 3/4 inches making it long enough to cut larger objects.

It features a limited lifetime warranty as well the EMS, Fire, and Police symbols emblazoned on the side for easy identification.

There’s no way around it. This knife is ideal for so many survival situations.

Get it now before prices go up.

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