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Bucket-Style Emergency Toilet



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What you might not realize is one of the more common causes of sickness and death in survival situations doesn’t always come from nature, or an outside force like terrorists or the government.

Many times people get sick and die after coming into contact with bacteria and pathogens that are spread from human excrement.

It’s gross, but it’s something you really need to be aware of. Close proximity to excrement can lead to untold numbers of illnesses, and in some cases, the loss of life.

For most people this is an easy problem to solve. They say “Why don’t you just go dig a hole and go outside?” Well that generally works, but what happens if you simply can’t go dig a hole, what then?

Then you need a toilet.

The Bucket-Style Emergency Toilet was designed for that exact scenario.

It’s also great for camping or other times when you’re in the great outdoors.

Take a look at what this emergency toilet can do for you:

  • Makes use of a standard height 5 gallon bucket to secure human waste
  • Sits at the ideal height for proper elimination. Its height is great for people who are sick or injured.
  • Has a toilet seat lid to aid in easy use
  • Has a hinged lid to secure waste and keep bugs and other objects from making it in
  • Handle allows for the transport of the bucket so you can easily dump waste

While talking about poop can be uncomfortable, it’s a good idea to get educated and prepare now.

This bucket works well for anyone who wants to round out their survival kit. It’s also great for camping as well as for use by non-profits and aid groups.

Get the Bucket-Style Emergency Toilet now before prices go up.

Use with Toilet Bags and T-5 Toilet Chemicals (sold separately).

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