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C.E.R.T. Premium Backpack


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C.E.R.T. Premium Backpack has a rating of 4.0 stars based on 4 reviews.

When you’re building a survival kit you need to have everything self-contained as well as being easy to access.

Nexis has created a super-affordable backpack that will work quite well for anyone who’s building a go bag or survival kit for a crisis situation.

Now keep in mind not any old backpack will do.

You need one that has been designed for the sole purpose of survival.

Nexis’s C.E.R.T. Premium Backpack is that pack.

Take a look at all the benefits this bag offers:

  • Built with a synthetic nylon/canvas exterior. This material is abrasion resistant and is much lighter and more flexible than other synthetics. It’s even been interspliced with 600 Denier cord to increase its durability.
  • Features padded compartments. Helps you organize gear without the need to fear for the safety of more delicate items.
  • Pouches feature partitions to help you organize the interior.
  • Possesses an easy to access mesh pouch that’s perfect for items you might have an immediate need for.
  • Padded for your comfort. Both the straps as well as the backstay have half inch padding so the pack won’t become uncomfortable.
  • Straps are designed ergonomically to increase comfort.
  • SBS #5 zippers are made for thousands of opens and closes. Won’t jump teeth for long-lasting operation. 
  • Features large, fabric zipper pulls. Simplifies opening, even when you’re wearing thick gloves. 
  • Inner lining is moisture resistant so mildew and mold won’t take hold, even when continually exposed to damp weather.
  • Built in headphone port allows you to safely transport a music player inside of the bag and run the cable out of the backpack for convenience.
  • Bright reflective stripe for easy location and for safety’s sake.
  • Includes a CERT tag holder that can fit an ID card or other similar sized cards. Clips on to bag.
  • Compact size. At only 11” wide x 16” high x 8” deep it’s big enough for essentials but small enough for portability.

This bag pretty much does it all.

You’re not going to find too many competing bags in this price range.

This bag is perfect if you’re trying to organize a small bag for a child, or, if you’re just creating a bare bones survival kit.

It’s designed for a lifetime of service and won’t let you down.

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