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Emergency Water Siphon Pump



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If you plan to weather out an emergency, you’re likely aware just how useful water storage drums can be.

As they’re relatively compact, and are able to hold large amounts of water, they’re one of the best solutions for water storage.

But once filled up, how do you get the water OUT of the drums?

The answer is the Emergency Water Siphon Pump.

Here’s what the pump helps you do:

  • Regulates Water Use: With the ability to dispense in 2, 4, 6, or 8 oz. increments, this pump will help you make sure you’re using exact amounts of water so you know how much is left. Never over-dispense.

  • Works on Any Model: The pump will work on any 5, 15, 30, or 55-gallon models.

  • Adaptable: This pump is even able to work with both 2’ and .75” IPS national pipe openings. Meaning it’s able to work with various other models water storage containers.

  • Safe: As it’s made of Polypropylene and Polyethlene it’s able to resist chemicals which will help keep you safe when drinking your water storage. It’s even got a safety cap to help prevent accidental leaks.

  • Flexible: It has a 360-degree rotating spout which gives you the ability to get water from just about any angle.


If you’re setting up a long-term water storage solution with water storage drums you can’t go without this item.

If you try and do so, you might end up spilling your precious water supplies when attempting to pour them out. This siphon pump makes accessing your water storage as easy as it could possible be.

Don’t wait, get it today.

Also included is a 5-gallon pail adapter along with restriction clips.

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