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Organic Basil by Garden-In-A-Can

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Easy to Grow - Palm Sized Garden Produces Big Time Flavor


  • 1 - Steel can
  • 1 - Package of biochar soil
  • 1 - Package of Basil seeds

Grow Your Own Great Tasting Herbs Quick and Easy

Garden-In-A-Can is a revolutionary new product designed to help anyone who’s interested in creating a garden (for survival or regular use) do so with ease. The simple, self-contained garden in a can is easy to start and easy to grow and only needs sun and water to bring it to maturity. Because the Garden-In-A-Can is so simple to use it’s perfect for anyone who wants to provide food for themselves with minimal hassle.

Take a look and see what makes the Garden-In-A-Can ideal for the prepper/urban farmer.


  • Easy to Use: All you have to do is pop the top, add the seeds, water, and place in the sun and you’re on your way to growing great tasting basil. The Garden-In-A-Can requires minimal maintenance making it perfect for busy people who want great tasting, home grown food.
  • Super Healthy: The Garden-In-A-Can system relies on a special kind of soil called “Biochar.” This soil packs the precise amount of nutrients needed to help produce incredibly healthy, and supremely nutritious foods.
  • Portable and Ultra Compact: Unlike most urban gardening systems the Garden-In-A-Can system is self-contained and easy to transport. Because the garden is grown in a small steel can you can transport it without worrying you’ll disturb your plants. Plus, the can has a very small footprint, meaning it’s great for even the tiniest apartments or homes.
  • Low Maintenance: Unlike other gardening systems the Garden-In-A-Can requires very little upkeep from you. Water it regularly and let it sit in the sun (or under a grow light in the winter) and you’ll find the Garden-In-A-Can is one of your most dependable food sources while also being dependably maintenance free.

Other Details:

  • 100% self-contained - No drain holes, no mess

This self-contained and easy to grow garden is perfect for anyone who wants to outlast a crisis in style, or simply wants to take control over their own food supply.

Easy to use, and even easier to enjoy, the Garden-In-A-Can will be one of your favorite survival supplies guaranteed. 

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