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Guardian 4 Shelf Wall Mount First Aid Kit


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If you’re a business owner, a parent to an incredibly active family, or just someone who wants to be prepared for anything, then a first aid kit is an absolute must.

The Guardian 4 Shelf Wall Mount First Aid Kit is one of the beefiest first aid kits around. It’s got well over 1,000 pieces in it and at 24 x 18 x 18 inches and at 20 pounds, it’s no lightweight!

Its bright white steel case is wall mountable so it can be placed in an easy to find spot without worry of making a disappearing act.

Get one of these if you plan on seeing more than your fair share of cuts, burns, scrapes and minor injuries.

It contains:

  • (100) Sticky Adhesive Bandages 1" X 3"
  • (50) Durable Fabric Bandages 1" X 3"
  • (50) Smaller Adhesive Bandages 3" X 3/4"
  • (100) Useful Detectable Bandages 1" X 3"
  • (30) Flexible Fingertip Bandages For Finicky Fingers
  • (30) Flexible Knuckle Bandages For Hard To Wrap Areas
  • (12) Medium Sized  2" X 3" Non Sterile Pads
  • (2) Sticky Tape Rolls For Holding Bandages
  • (1) Medium Sized Triangular Bandage For Awkward Areas
  • (2) Larger Trauma Pads (5 X 9) For Bigger Wounds
  • (1) Tight Bandage Compress For Preventing Excess Bleeding
  • (1) Fillable Eye Cup For Eye Rinses
  • (30) Absorbent Gauze Pads For Bodily Fluids
  • (3) Absorbent Gauze Rolls For Larger Areas
  • (8) Sanitary Examination Gloves
  • (2) Medium Sized Instant Cold Packs
  • (1) “Grabby” Tweezer For Removing Foreign Objects
  • (1) Sharp Scissors To Cut Gauze Or Clothing
  • (20) Spreadable Burn Cream / First Aid Cream
  • (1) Burn Spray 3 Oz. For Easy Application
  • (20) Sealed Packages Of Antibiotic Ointment
  • (1) Pump Action Antiseptic Spray 3 Oz.
  • (100) Sterile Alcohol Pads For Instant Sanitation
  • (40) Sealed PVP Iodine Pads
  • (40) Sealed Antiseptic Towelettes For Sanitation
  • (30) Sealed Sting Relief Pads For Minor Bug Bites
  • (1) Easy To Read First Aid Guide For Minor First Aid Emergencies
  • (100) Cotton Tip Applicators
  • (1) Stretchy Elastic Bandage 3" (Ace Type) For Compression
  • (100) Fast Acting Aspirin Tablets For Pain Relief
  • (100) Non Aspirin Tablets For People With Aspirin Allergies
  • (100) Fast Acting Pain Relief Tablets For Minor Bruises And Injuries
  • (100) Indigestion Reducing Antacid Tablets
  • (25) Sealed Hand Sanitizers For Quick Sterilization
  • (1) Instant Eye Wash 4 Oz. For Easy Rinsing
  • (2) Larger Eye Pads To Protect Sensitive Eyes
  • (8) Wooden Splints / Tongue Depressors To Help With Small Broken Fingers
  • (6) Medical Filtration Masks To Prevent The Inhalation Of Foreign Objects

    The truth is everyone will find this first aid kit useful at some point. All of the products have extended shelf lives, so even if you need the materials years down the road they’ll be good to go.

    Don’t hesitate, get this today.

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