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BaroCook Large Replacement Heat Pouches for Cooker Bowl - Set of 10


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BaroCook Large Replacement Heat Pouches for Cooker Bowl - Set of 10 has a rating of 5.0 stars based on 3 reviews.

BaroCook Large Replacement Heat Pouches Include:

  • 10 individually sealed BaroCook replacement pouches (for Cooker Bowl)

The Ultimate Survival Gear - Flameless Cooking Pouches

If you're looking to stock up on some of the best camping and survival gear, and already own a BaroCook Bowl, you need these Replacement Heat Pouches. The replacement pouches are essential to your flameless cooker and will quickly and safely heat up emergency food and other food whether you're out camping or are in the thick of an intense survival situation. Flameless, smokeless and free of toxic fumes, the replacement heat pouches are great in any survival kit or camping gear collection.

To learn more about the BaroCook Flameless Replacement Pouches click the “Features & Specs” tab above.

BaroCook Large Replacement Heat Pouches Features:

  • Quick Acting: You'll love this essential survival gear because it'll quickly heat up emergency food or any other pre-cooked meals. Relying on a popular chemical compound called calcium oxide, once they come into contact with water they'll heat food up to 190 degrees in just a matter of minutes. Forget waiting around forever for your food to heat up.
  • Easy to Use: Simply place the replacement pack in water and then lock the BaroCook Bowl on top and you're on your way to cooking food. No survival kit is complete without a flameless cooking solution that is this insanely easy to use.
  • Super Safe: The BaroCook large replacement pouches are one of the safest emergency food heating solutions around. They produce no flames, no smoke, no ultra-toxic fumes and they're so easy to use you can even trust children to use them. 
  • Compact and Portable: Each pouch is only 50g, meaning you can take several of them with you and you'll never know the difference. Plus they can be stored inside of the BaroCook Bowl for the ultimate in portability for any survival or camping enthusiast.

BaroCook Large Replacement Heat Pouches Details:

  • Pouch weight: 50g
  • Pouch heating material: Calcium Oxide
  • Pouch heating temp: 150-190 degrees
  • Cooking byproducts: Hydrogen and steam

With the BaroCook replacement pouches in reserve you'll be able to safely heat up emergency food in any situation. Use them in a ventilated tent, in a car with the windows cracked, or at your campsite and you'll have hot food right when you want it. 

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