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Lindon Farms 150 Freeze Dried Tropical Fruits

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Don't  make the mistake of underestimating how important good taste is to your food storage options.

Remember, both taste and nutrition matter. And so does ease of use. And the Lindon Farms Freeze Dried Tropical Fruits pack is able to provide in all those ways and more making it an absolute essential for anyone who wants to be prepared and well fed.

Freeze-dried for the ultimate in convenience, these fruits contain loads of health promoting antioxidants as well as heart healthy fibers. They’re great by themselves as well as mixed in with other meals to increase flavor.

Check out what else makes this meal pack so good.

  • Easy to Make: This freeze-dried food option is good to go right out of the bag. Nothing hard about this at all. Combine it with dehydrated meal options and you’re all set to go.

  • Convenient: All food is packed in individually sealed bags ranging from 5-10 servings per bag. These bags are stacked inside of resealable, stackable containers. Feel free to break up and divide your food supplies if you want to portion out some for a bug-out-bag and for your home.

    Bucket also comes with a handle for easy transport.

  • Nutritious: The Lindon Farms food supply is as much about the high quality ingredients they include as well as what’s not included. All meals are made of  high-quality natural ingredients. PLUS, no MSG, or High Fructose Corn Syrup. With loads of high-energy carbs, heart healthy fats, muscle building protein, and gut friendly fiber, this food won’t just feed you, it will sustain you. 

    Diced Mangos: Serving Size 6g, Calories Per Serving 19, Servings Per Container 28, (Fat 0g, Carbs 5g, Fiber 1g, Protein 0g)

    Whole Red Seedless Grapes:  Serving Size 6g, Servings Per Container 28, Calories Per Serving 21, (Fat 0g, Carbs 6g, Fiber .5g, Protein 0g)

    Tart Cherries: Serving Size 6g, Calories Per Serving 22, Servings Per Container 24, (Fat 0g, Carbs 5g, Fiber .5g, Protein .5g)

    Whole Blackberries: Serving Size 6g, Calories Per Serving 20, Servings Per Container 26, (Fat 0g, Carbs 5g, Fiber 2g, Protein 0g)

    Sliced Bananas: Serving Size 8g, Calories Per Serving 35, Servings Per Container 20, (Fat 0g, Carbs 10g, Fiber 1g, Protein 0g)

    Diced Pineapples: Serving Size 6g, Calories Per Serving 26, Servings Per Container 28, (Fat 0g, Carbs 5g, Fiber .5g, Protein 0g)

  • Amazing Taste: That’s right, amazing taste. Lindon farms partnered with executive chefs to make sure they weren’t just producing for the masses, but for people with

    discerning taste. If the taste of your food matters to you then you’ll love Lindon Farms.

  • Long Lasting: All food has been packaged in air-tight metalite pouches complete with an oxygen absorber to help this food last for decades. Freeze dried fruit should last 25 years depending on storage conditions.

  • Affordable: At just $0.75  a serving this is one of the absolute best deals on survival food you’re going to find. All the more reason to act now.

If all of that looks like it tastes amazing then you’ll be encouraged to know it is.

This is the perfect food storage option to add to convince picky eaters to eat their meals.

You’ll love this food storage bucket It’s simple, great tasting and best of all, can help keep you safe in a crisis.

What more could you ask for?

Get this today to round out your storage food essentials. If you don’t, you might end up regretting it.

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