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Waterproof Safety Matches 10 Pack by Coghlan's

SKU: CG-FI-529


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Waterproof Safety Matches 10 Pack by Coghlan's has a rating of 4.9 stars based on 22 reviews.
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One Value Pack, 400 Safety Matches!


  • 10 - Boxes of Waterproof Safety Matches (40 Matches per Box)
    **only ignite when struck against strike pad on box**

Lights Even When Wet

If you’re building a survival kit, a bug out bag, or are just putting together a camping supply list, waterproof matches are an absolute must. Since they can light even when wet, this means they can help you build a fire in a variety of circumstances. Try and get regular old matches to pull a feat like that off.

Here's what makes these ideal for a bug out bag, survival kit, or general outdoor use:


  • Super Lightweight: Unlike bulky lighters these matches are just a few grams, which means they take up very little room in a bug out bag or in camping gear. 
  • Waterproof: Just like the name says, these matches can give you a flame even when nothing else seems to want to work.
  • Reliable: Since they don't rely on gas or other fuel sources they're one of the best go to fire staters around.

The bottom lines is waterproof matches can give you fire when the weather isn’t necessarily working in your favor. Even if you dunk these in the ocean they’ll still give you a hot flame to start a fire with.

The waterproof matches can be stored for years and will come in handy whenever you need them.

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