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Kaito KA208 Credit Card Sized Portable Radio



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Kaito KA208 Credit Card Sized Portable Radio has a rating of 4.5 stars based on 13 reviews.
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Palm Sized Radio For The Ultimate In Portability 


  • 1 Lightweight, palm sized radio with included alarm

Life-Saving Power In the Tiniest of Packages

The importance of a radio simply can't be underestimated. Radios are perfect for a wide range of uses including camping, emergency situations, and general enjoyment. And the Kaito KA208 is one of the lightest, one of the smallest, and one of the most powerful radios around. Capable of receiving AM and FM bands, the Kaito KA208 will help to keep you both informed and entertained. As small as a deck of cards, it's also one of the most convenient radios around as it takes up very little room and weighs next to nothing. 


  • Absolutely tiny: The Kaito KA208 is about the size of a classic sized deck of cards. At just 3.5 inches x 2.2 inches x 0.82 inch it easily slips into a pocket, a backpack or bug out bag. The built-in antenna is also quite small and extends to a maximum of 10 inches making the entire unit quite compact.
  • Easy to use: The Kaito KA208 makes use of simple turn knobs for volume and tuning. These knobs are easy to maneuver and will help lock onto a station without difficulty. The front of the KA208 features digital buttons that make selecting the band and setting your alarm simple.
  • Powerful: The radio can easily pick up faint signals giving you easy access to the stations you need to stay informed.

Other Details:

  • Dimensions:  3.5 inches x 2.2 inches x 0.82" inch
  • Weight: 4 oz. 
  • Uses 2 "AAA" Size Batteries (not included)
  • Includes headphone jack

The Kaito KA208 is a great radio for anyone who wants a lightweight and portable radio for both general and survival use. With it on hand you'll be able to consistently stay attuned to what's going on and can keep yourself entertained.

Worried about running out of battery power for your radio? Click Here to check out the Berkey Solar Powered Battery Charger. 

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