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Meal Kit Supply MRE 3 Course Premium Meals | 12 Pack



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The Go-To Meal For Our Nation's Military


  • 12 Packs of 3 Course Premium Meals

Highly Nutritious & Incredibly Easy to Make

The military has depended on the MRE for years because our soldiers need the best food, and the best nutrition they can possibly get. Which is why these MREs are perfect for your crisis management and long-term food storage needs. Each meal is self-contained and is ready to eat in just minutes. Crafted with the the best taste in mind, they're not just nutritious, they're also wonderful to eat. Buy them and stuff a few in your go bag, with your camping gear, or use them any time you're without a means to cook your own food. 

Here’s what makes these MREs exceptional for both camping and survival situations: 


  • Super Nutritious: Premium 3 course meal set. Each meal contains over 1,200 calories, which means you get 3,600+ calories a day with this premium meal pack.
  • Long Lasting: With a 5-year shelf life, these MREs are great for long-term storage as well as for weekend traveling and camping expeditions
  • Incredibly Variety: 4 Days worth of food included in this back. With 12 different meals, each meal pack is entirely different from the next.  4 breakfast MREs, 4 lunch MREs, and 4 Dinner MREs (all 3-courses) are included inside. Every meals comes with an entrée as well as a side dish, dessert, bread & spread, as well as either a cold drink mix or a hot drink mix.
  • Easy to make: Needs ZERO Extra Equipment for Prep. Even better is that all of the meals come with a flameless heater ration so you can warm them up quickly and easily. All it takes is 2 ounces of water and you’ve got a warm meal in absolutely no time flat.
  • Made in the USA: Every single meal was made here in the US, so all of your purchase stays right here in America where it belongs. 

Other Details: 

To give you peace of mind while preparing for a potential crisis look no further than these MRE 3 Course Premium Meals.

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